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Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +

Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +
Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +
Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +
Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +
Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +
Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +

Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +    Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +

The devices are equipped with a German keyboard and a German operating system. A free return due to the keyboard or the German operating system is not possible.

Lenovo laptop v130 15.6 intel n5000 2.7ghz 4gb 128gb ssd dvdrw linux +. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Laptop lenovo vostro v130 15.6 \Screen size.

15.6 inches (39.6 cm). Up to 2.7 ghz. Laptop lenovo vostro v130 15.6 \Super fast portable with turbo ssd at a great price!

The laptop lenovo comes with a super fast Intel Pentium processor, which offers more than enough performance for gaming, work from home and office. The super fast ssd hard drive is your boost to a totally new work pleasure, all will need to be done in no time, faster, your laptop is never running out, every app will start at 0 no comma. Specialties: ddr4 ram, bluetooth, webcam hd, vga, hdmi, headphone, microphone, rj45, usb 3.0. The laptop computer has cooled down very smoothly and very easy, so nothing more in the way is so relaxed working / browsing. Linux 64-bit ubuntu is installed with all the drivers, is also a free desktop package to install. Display: 39 cm (15.6 \Processor: intel® pentium n5000 (4 x 1.10 ghz turbo up to 2.7 ghz, 4 mo cache). Graphics: intel® integrated graphics uhd 605.

Memory: 4GB ram ddr4 (2400mhz). Card reader: 4-in-1 card reader (sd / mmc / sdhc / sdxc). Network: gigabit ethernet, wi-fi 802.11 ac / b / g / n, bluetooth 4.1. Connectors: hdmi, 2 x usb 2.0, combo micro headphone port. Input devices: 6 rows of keyboard with multimedia keys and numeric keypad, touchpad.

Dimensions / weight: 375 x 253 x 22.3 mm / 1.85 + kg. Hard disk ssd: advantages in all respects. Ssd is synonymous with solid state drive and referred to in the present (and for the future) generation of fast hard drives. The advantages of ssd disks can shrink down to the next three points. Speed: it's the most important - and the most obvious.

Even slow ssd drives are much faster than traditional hard drives. Which is noticeable in all areas: if, at the start of windows 10, the game or the use of the work, the ssd boast their pace of work. Volume: ssd hard drives are pleasantly quiet. This is because they have no magnetic disc, whose rotation caused noise.

For silent systems, ssd hard drives are needed. Lifespan: ssd can handle writing cycles much more than hard drives. The acquisition becomes investment that you will not need to repeat.

In sum, ssd hard drives promise so benefits in every respect. The linux ubuntu operating system the canonical manufacturer was launched by the South African entrepreneur mark shuttleworth, to provide a comprehensive approach and disable the desktop system for everyone for free. The success was there, while ubuntu now belongs to the most popular and most linux distributions easy to use and therefore suitable for beginners under linux. The linux long debian distribution, which manifests itself especially in the package management, which includes the security updates for the operating system, in addition to application software serves as the basis. Of course, a mature operating system like ubuntu needs application software. Unlike micrososft windows, these included in linux distribution by canonical. Completed the evince document viewer and the complete free office office package with word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing program. The software is partially installed or install the Desktop Editing Software Manager from the canonical repositories. Compared to windows, it is a security gain because it is this software from a reliable source.

Lenovo v130ist portable computer offers you a reliable laptop which is equipped with intel® pentium n5000 processor and therefore enough performance for private and private applications. It is distinguished by its slim and compact shape with many connections and low weight. Always a little faster tad.

The lenovo v130 has an intel® pentium n5000 processor with integrated graphics unit that provides sufficient computing power and therefore a smooth operation. Quality is at the lenovo laptop clearly in the foreground. The 15.6-inch LED mat with a 1366 x 768-pixel HD resolution and anti-glare screen provides a fatigue-free look throughout the day to prevent distracting glare. Look for all a change of pace. The lenovo v130 is perfect for private and business use.

A large hard drive can store all possible content and in collaboration with the lush memory, multitasking is just executable. Personal data and multimedia content are of course respected best in one place.

Use the connection reader for hdmi and usb, as well as the card, to do just that. Is also to allow gigabit ethernet interface (rj45) or wi-fi module to select to access the network or the internet.

Also on the way to the home contact. Video conferencing is made possible with an integrated webcam on the front page. Wherever you are, thanks to the web camera that lenovo builds it always stays in touch. You can stay in touch, whether on a business trip or on vacation, thanks to the integrated webcam on the front page!

More this category of products. Hp 15.6-inch laptop, amd e2 9000e up to 2 ghz, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, earn 10 by. Eur 29 9.9 5. Western digital wd 1 tb wd10jpvx - mobile wd blue 1000 go sata! 3 eur 9.9 5. Logitech wireless combo mk330 - wireless mouse keyboard and computer - qwerty keyboard. Lenovo v130 - 15.6 \57 eur 9.9 5. 7490 wifi box ac + n router adsl / vdsl, 1,300 mbit / box of new & original s (5 ghz).

Eur 17 9.9 5. Laptop lenovo 320s 14 inches fullhd intel 4415u 128gb ssd 8gb get 10 80x400hhge. Eur 39 9.9 5.

Lenovo v130 - 15.6 \Eur 54 9.9 5. Lenovo notebook v130 15.6 2.7ghz 8gb 500gb ssd dvdrw win10 + gdata. Eur 34 9.9 5. Lenovo 17.3 - inch hd + for laptop - bioneur pentium, 1 to hdd, 8gb of ram, earn 10 by.

Lenovo 17.3 - inch hd + laptop - bioneur pentium, 1 to hdd, 4gb of ram, earn 10 by. Eur 46 9.9 5 <\/ span>.

Lenovo notebook slim 320s 14.0-inch full hd, pentium 4415u, 1 to hdd, 4gb, win10. Signature of microsoft surface pro 4 type of cover - alcantara keyboard (qwerty).

Laptop lenovo vostro v130 15 \31 eur 9.9 5. Gaming laptop asus rog 17.3 fhd matte core i7 core ssd 16go 256go ssd 1 to.

2 128 ssd - hfs128g39tnf sc311m280s 3.3 v 1 to 80 mm. Lenovo notebook v130 15.6 2.7 wireless mouse ssd dvdrw linux + ghz 8gb.

Light client wyse winterm v30 pc dell. Eur 4 9.9 9. Toshiba 1to mq04ab - thin hard drive 1.000 GB - hdd HDD slim and quiet. Lenovo notebook v130 15.6 2.7ghz 8gb 1000g go dvdrw win10 pro + gdata. Acer b246hl 24 \9 eur 9.9 5.

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15.6 zol (39.6 cm). The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: european union, switzerland.

  1. main memory: 4gb <\/ li>
  2. product line: ideapad <\/ li>
  3. graphics processor: integrated graphics <\/ li>
  4. connections: hdmi, sd-slot, usb 3.1 <\/ li>
  5. brand: lenovo <\/ li>
  6. color: black <\/ li>
  7. model: lenovo v130 <\/ li>
  8. manufacturer color: black <\/ li>
  9. hard drive type: ssd (solid state drive) <\/ li>
  10. features: integrated webcam <\/ li>
  11. hard drive capacity ssd: 128gb <\/ li>
  12. processor type: intel pentium n5000 <\/ li>
  13. processor speed: up to 2.7ghz <\/ li>
  14. operating system: linux ubuntu 18.10 <\/ li>
  15. ean: 4250965504624 <\/ li>
  16. screen size: 15.6 zoll (39.6 cm) <\/ li>
  17. type: laptop pc / laptop pc <\/ li>
  18. manufacturer part number: not applicable <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +    Lenovo Pc Notebook V130 15.6 Intel N5000 2.7 Ghz 4gb 128gb Ssd Dvdrw Linux +